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Diovan plus HCTZ lowers blood pressure better than Norvasc

According to the VAST study, patients with moderate to severe hypertension treated with a combination of Diovan ( Valsartan; Tareg ) and the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide ( HCTZ ) (160/25) benefited from superior blood pressure reductions over those treated with Norvasc ( Amlodipine ) 10mg.

" We already know that Valsartan provides effective blood pressure-lowering and heart-saving benefits to people who have had a heart attack or have heart failure. Now these new data add to our understanding of Valsartan's efficacy in people with even earlier forms of heart disease," said Luis Ruilope, of the Hospital 12 de Octubre of Madrid, Spain, the primary investigator of VAST and an investigator for VALUE. " Large-scale trials have repeatedly shown that most high-risk patients with hypertension require aggressive treatment, either with a powerful monotherapy or more often with an effective fixed-dose combination, to reach healthy blood pressure goals."

Although cardiovascular disease ( CVD ) can be treated or prevented, according to the World Health Organization ( WHO ), across the globe around 17 million people die of CVD-related events each year, for which hypertension is a major contributing factor.
Also, alarmingly, of those patients with hypertension who are treated, nearly 7 out of 10 do not achieve the goal of 140/90 mmHg as recommended by treatment guidelines.
Patients with moderate to severe hypertension ( 160/100 mmHg ), such as those in VAST, are at four times greater risk for cardiovascular events than those with optimal blood pressure (